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Languages: English


License: Freeware

OS: Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows 2003,Windows XP

Total Download: 135

Size: 38.65MB

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CoolNovo is the enhanced Google Chrome browser. Surf the web much easier.
Publisher's Description:
CoolNovo (formerly known as ChromePlus) has all the functionalities that Google Chrome has. More, CoolNovo added some useful features such as Mouse gesture, Super drag, IE tab, etc. Meanwhile, CoolNovo is free with no function limitation and you can use CoolNovo to surf the internet in any case.


Currently, CoolNovo has 5 extra features:
Double click tab to close page.
Mouse Gestures.
Super drag.
IE tab.
Download tools supported in context menu.

Release notes:
v2.0.7.11 for Window (base on Chromium25.0.1364.172)
1. Update the based Chromium version to 25.0.1364.172.
2. Speed cool start up.
3. Refactor mute feature.
4. Crash bug when download with mini thunder.
5. The extensions can't display correctly on the sidebar.
6. Improve password save feature.
7. No-response when click external links if the browser is run as administrator.
8. Webpage can't display correctly when make payment with ie mode sometimes.
9. Can't open *.mht files with CoolNovo browser when setted as default.
10. Add context menu on bookmark button.
11. Improve russian translation.
12. Bosskey support special character.
13. Improve the upgrade mechanism.
14. Can't support xuanfeng4.3 downloader.
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